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SAP Screen Personas 2.0 Development

SAP Screen Personas 2.0 is a browser-based rendering engine for classic SAP Dynpro screens. This technology is used for the majority of SAP ERP screens. This course provides IT professionals, key-users, and end-users with training on how to create consumer-grade personalization that enables users to simplify business application screens quickly and easily in order to improve the visual appeal, end-user productivity, and performance of SAP. This course is eighty-percent hands-on, so that participants can quickly learn how to develop and maintain their personal Screen Personas flavors. This course will also cover core administration tasks to teach participants how to share flavors within their organizations.

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  • Use Design Thinking and SAP User Experience Strategy to better identify and design Sap Screen Personas flavors
  • Understand SAP Screen Personas architecture
  • Create Flavors to improve productivity
  • Use static prefills to streamline transactions
  • Transform a text field into a dropdown list
  • Use scripting as a productivity tool
  • Add external content to a flavor
  • Associate fields to URLs
  • Extract information for a different screen
  • Describe core SAP Screen Personas flavor maintenance
  • Perform other core administration tasks
  • General knowledge and navigation of SAP ERP Transactions


  • None

    Course based on software release

  • SAP Screen Personas 2.0; SAP ECC 6.06


  • Overview of Design Thinking and SAP User Experience Strategy
    • Discovery Process for Creation of Screen Personas Flavors
    • Design Process for Creation of Screen Personas Flavors
    • Development & Effectiveness of New Screen Personas Flavors
    • Screen Personas in the SAP User Experience Strategy overview
    • SAP Screen Personas & User Experience
  • SAP Screen Personas 2.0 Development
    • Architecture Goal Overview
    • Debug Guidelines
    • Development of SAP Screen Personas Flavors
    • Simplify user screens
    • Streamline transactions
    • Build dashboards for different user types (personas)
  • SAP Screen Personas 2.0 Administration
    • Perform key administration tasks
    • Perform fundamental maintenance activities
  • Notes

  • This course can be delivered both in a classroom and virtually.
  • This course version is currently in production and will be available mid-January.
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